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Are you ready to be free from addiction? Do you want to re-start & re-build your life? Whether this is your first time trying to get sober, or your 20th, there is hope. The Plymouth House can be your last treatment & the beginning of lifelong recovery. Find out how >>

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The Plymouth House Difference

The Plymouth House is a 12-Step retreat and addiction treatment center nestled in the picturesque foothills of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Our campus sits on 60 acres of natural land and is an idyllic place for individuals to begin laying the foundation for lifelong recovery.

Since 2002 The Plymouth House has been utilizing an intense 12-Step process to help individuals recover from addiction. The Plymouth House’s founder, Tom S., believed wholeheartedly in the power of the 12 Steps to transform lives. The Steps give individuals the spiritual and emotional tools necessary to lead purposeful, joyful, loving lives.

In 2021, The Plymouth House joined Guardian Recovery Network, a national leader in substance use disorder treatment. The Plymouth House has combined its expertise as a successful 12-Step retreat with Guardian’s world-class medical and clinical care. We have expanded our medical and clinical staff to include primary care physicians, licensed psychiatrists and experienced psychologists. In addition, we are now able to provide access to treatment services using private health insurance, which can mean little to no out-of-pocket cost for guests. 

The Plymouth House’s core 12-Step process combined with expert medical and clinical care, provides the strongest foundation for clients seeking long term recovery.

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The Plymouth House Addiction Recovery Retreat

We Accept Most Health Insurance

Insurance may cover 100% of treatment costs.*

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Nationally Accredited & Recognized

Our nationally accredited substance use treatment center is one of the most highly respected programs in the country.

Nationally Accredited & Recognized

Our nationally accredited substance use treatment center is one of the most highly respected programs in the country.

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Central New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Logo
Joint Commission National Quality Approval Gold Seal


Reviews Of Our Services

Reviews From Around The Web

Charles M.
Charles M.
15:22 11 Jan 22
I was absolutely terrified at first but once I got there and met the staff it changed my life.. they had so much compassion, understanding, and care……they taught me how to live in the present and to forgive myself from the past… they gave me all the right tools to become the healthy sober man that I am today! Look forward to going back as a guest speaker a year from now
Russell W.
Russell W.
00:20 24 Dec 21
Even with clinical the place is a cult. Granted, it is a 'good' cult that, like AA, encourages you to replace your disorder (alcohol, workahol, pharmacol, assholeahal, etc.) with humility and spirituality. You get out of it what you are willing to put into it. If you're not willing to take orders from a 19 year HS graduate with an inferiority complex, don't attend. They also don't allow guitars.
Ashley S.
Ashley S.
20:46 21 Nov 21
Like a child, I didn’t want to go. Fought it and they still loved me back to life. 30 days later I feel like those broken pieces are starting to mend thanks to all the amazing people who helped me believe in me when I was incapable
Kris Z.
Kris Z.
23:51 26 Oct 21
The experience saved my life. I'm very grateful for my time there.
Ken S.
Ken S.
14:00 03 Oct 21
Plymouth House was an amazing experience for me, and my family. Without the love and support of the incredible people there I doubt I would have the joy I have found in my recovery. Thank you from the depths of my soul.
catherine C.
catherine C.
23:07 01 Oct 21
The Plymouth House is unlike any other rehab I have ever been to, and I’ve been to my fair share. The staff there is truly caring about each individual and caters to each guests’ individual needs. I can honestly say I would want nothing more for any friend or family member struggling with addiction to attend the Plymouth House. The 12 step program they offer has worked wonders in my life, as long as I continue to do the work. You are provided with a tri-fold treatment team: a therapist, a 12 step contact, and a case manager. Each works with you thoroughly to get your needs met. The techs are amazing— almost all of them came through the program themselves and have returned with some recovery under their belts to help others. Guests are brought through the Big Book by experienced teachers and 12 step contacts in long term recovery themselves. I cannot recommend the Plymouth House enough. Oh! And to top it all, the food is absolutely incredible.
sharon I.
sharon I.
20:05 13 Jul 21
The Plymouth House saved my life. It saved my family. After years of bouncing in and out of AA, and thinking I’m just one of those people who will never get it. I was dropped off in the middle of NH by my sister who told me this is your last chance. My husband was going to make me leave our home and our children. He was done with my drinking and lying. The staff at the Plymouth House took my hand and showed me a way to live my life without alcohol. They taught me how to deal with life on life’s terms. I will be forever grateful to the Plymouth House and their amazing staff.
Molly B.
Molly B.
18:43 12 Jul 21
The Plymouth House offers a life changing and once in a lifetime program for anyone struggling with substance abuse disorder. It is, hands down, the most well-run, well-staffed, engaging, supportive and knowledgeable rehabilitation facility in northeast. The staff are incomparable, the food is phenomenal, and the program helps set you up for a life of long-term sobriety and mental health. These people are like family and they care deeply about their clients. There’s no other place I would recommend to a loved one in need. Thank you P.House for helping to save my life!
Paige A.
Paige A.
15:21 09 Jul 21
The Plymouth House is where I learned how to live in recovery. They taught me what that meant, walked me through the first four steps and supported me through every negative and crazy thought. What really stood out was that everyone there had a story to share and truly made you believe if they could do it you could. The staff members connected with you and coached you how to succeed and I believe that’s what makes this place stand out from all the others.
Noreen M.
Noreen M.
14:06 09 Jul 21
I was truly broken when I got to Plymouth House and had given away everything that was truly dear to me for Alcohol. I was able to start to build a relationship with the director and staff and most importantly with people who suffered from the disease of addiction. Plymouth House showed me they way through this powerful addiction and helped me get to the other side. So grateful for there help, knowledge and direction in moving forward with what has know been over 2 years of sobriety. Highly recommended to anyone who things there is no way out of the disease of addiction.
Rene S.
Rene S.
18:50 11 Dec 18
Really the only place you will need to go to to effectively learn to handle your addiction to alcohol, drugs or other. Dedicated 12-step staff; warm and supporting environment with excellent food and accommodations; a supportive, thorough and thoughtfully sought out program to change your life as it did mine. Continuing resources after inital program treatment tailored to you as an individual. THE place others go after all other attempts have failed.
19:59 12 Sep 17
I have the most respect for the P house ... The people that work there have gone thru everything clients have went thru also . I went thru the p house when i was 27 yrs old they saved my life truly .... I did return and Aaron was so gracious and helpful i am now 41 yrs old and doing very well ... I will have to say this best place in the world . If u want to get better or even just a tiny bit I believe this is the place to be ...
Jamie M.
Jamie M.
01:11 21 Apr 16
life saving! greatful!
Denise St O.
Denise St O.
15:13 19 Oct 15
It saved my life.
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Our 7-Acre Campus &
60-Acre Property

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A Relaxed Retreat For Recovery

The Plymouth House campus is the perfect place to find freedom from addiction. Every aspect of our campus and program have been designed to provide guests with the tools necessary to live life sober long-term.

  • 12-Step Focus – Our guests actively work the steps

  • Clinical Excellence – World-class therapists & recovery staff

  • Idyllic Retreat – A beautiful natural environment to heal

Our program gives guests a peaceful, serene environment with expert clinical care and experienced 12-Step practitioners.

Simple Straightforward Admissions

Our confidential admissions process is simple and straightforward. We understand how difficult it can be for you or a loved one to find a treatment program. At The Plymouth House we are committed to making admission as easy as possible. If, for whatever reason, we are not the best fit for you or your loved one, we promise to help you find a program that is.

Contact Us

Getting help is as easy as picking up the phone or submitting a form on our website!

Assessment & Questions

We will answer all your questions and provide a complimentary assessment.


We will help arrange for you to come into the program and begin your recovery.

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The Plymouth House Process

The Plymouth House Process is designed with multiple phases to help individuals solidify their recovery. The first phase is our Residential Inpatient Program. During this phase guests work intensively with both a primary therapist and a 12-Step Contact. A 12-Step Contact is essentially a professional sponsor — a practitioner highly experienced in taking individuals through the 12-Steps of recovery. While in Residential Inpatient, guests work the first three steps and have a full daily schedule, seven days a week, packed with group workshops, individual therapy, recreational activities, yoga, meditation and nutritious meals.

After completing our Residential Inpatient Program, guests move on to our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). This phase is much like the first but guests have Sundays free. The subject matter of groups shifts to focus on maintaining sobriety in the world-at-large and healing old wounds that could potentially hinder one’s ongoing sobriety. During this phase clients work steps four through seven. These steps encourage our guests to self reflect, own responsibility, find forgiveness and see their own defects of character.

After completing PHP, our guests graduate from the primary care program. At this point guests have the option to stay in our Extended Care Program, apply to volunteer in our Monitor Program or move on to an outside program of recovery. Our Case Managers help every guest come up with a strategic plan for excelling in sobriety. In both Extended Care and the Monitor Program guests have the opportunity to finish all 12 Steps, continue therapy and slowly reintegrate into the world sober. Individuals gain a sense of personal integrity, self-confidence, higher purpose and inner-peace as they progress through this phase. Joy returns.

The Plymouth House - Surrender and Hope

Surrender & Hope

Guests admit their problem, begin to believe there is hope & surrender to the process.

Learn More
The Plymouth House - Humility and Willingness

Humility & Willingness

Guests reflect on their lives, see their part and heal old wounds.

Learn More
The Plymouth House - Family Transformation

Transformation & Service

Guests admit their wrongs, make amends for harm they’ve caused & start serving others.

Learn More

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Addiction Treatment Services

The Plymouth House offers a wide array of medical & clinical treatments. Our treatments include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR). For clients struggling with dual-diagnosis or other mental health issues we offer regular visits with our psychiatrist and medical team. We consistently update our programming to include evidence-based methodologies shown to effectively treat addiction. Read more about our addiction treatment methods here. By offering such a wide array of therapeutic treatments, every guest has an opportunity to recover, heal and grow. Change is possible.

The Plymouth House Reflections Chapel

We believe in the power of community and connection to help individuals get and stay sober. Guests at The Plymouth House bond with each other and attend outside 12-Step meetings.

Therapies We Provide:

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Specialty Programs

Specialty programs are also available. These include our monitor program, family workshops and more. If you are interested in any of our specialty programs please reach out to one of Treatment Advisors to learn more.

For clients with mental health disorders

For Alumni who wish to help new guests

Help for getting loved ones into treatment

Healing 2-day workshop for the family and loved ones

Begin Your Healing

Learn To Live Without Addiction

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(888) 693-1927

Addictions We Treat

The Plymouth House has helped individuals recovery from a wide range of drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions. While these addictions appear different on the surface, they are all manifestations of the same inner malady. Our solution is effective for all types of addictions.

Alcohol Addiction

Heroin Addiction

Benzodiazepine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Prescription Medication Addiction

Marijuana Addiction

Methamphetamine Addiction

Synthetic Drug Addiction



Suffering from drug addiction not only harms you but can affect everyone around you, including family, friends and employers. We understand — we’ve been there. The Plymouth House was founded and is led by people who understand what clients and their families are going through. We know the hopeless, alone, broken, tired, disappointed, fearful feelings of everyone involved. We believe recovery is possible for everyone, even the family. If you’ve been to treatment before and are feeling disappointed and let down, let us help you. We specialize in helping those who have been unsuccessful in other programs. It’s time for you to get well. Call us today to start your recovery journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guests who come to stay at The Plymouth House need to be physically detoxified from alcohol and drugs before they arrive at our campus. We highly recommend individuals DO NOT try to get sober on their own, but rather detox at a professional medical detox facility where withdrawal symptoms can be monitored. Withdrawal can be dangerous — even life threatening. While The Plymouth House does not offer detox services ourselves, we do have wonderful relationships with detox facilities in the area and are happy to help you get admitted. Then, once you are physically sober from addictive substances, we will help with the transition from into our facility. Once here, you will have access to a doctor and psychiatrist who can prescribe any necessary medication you need to maintain your health and sobriety.

Click here to get in touch with us for any other questions and begin your journey to recovery today.

Program lengths vary on a case-by-case basis but generally our Residential Inpatient Program lasts approximately 2 weeks, while our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is 2-4 weeks. Guests must complete Residential Inpatient before moving on to PHP. Our optional Extended Care Program and volunteer Monitor Program are typically around 3 months. 
Yes! We work with most major insurance providers. We offer free no-obligation insurance benefit checks for those who are interested in our program. Our treatment advisors will speak with your insurer, get a detailed verification of your insurance benefits, and share those details with you. Unfortunately medicaid and medicare do not cover our facility.

Click here to find out if your insurance will cover your recovery.

The Plymouth House is located in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Our campus sits in the foothills of White Mountain National Forest. We are approximately 2 hours north of Boston, Massachusetts, and 2 hours west of Portland, Maine. Our address is 446 Main St., Plymouth, NH 03264

Click here to get in touch with us for any other questions and begin your journey to recovery today.

Absolutely. We understand that addiction affects the entire family system and encourage families to participate in their loved one’s treatment. To help families recover we also offer intervention services, family visiting hours and a family workshop.

Click here to get in touch with us for any other questions and begin your journey to recovery today.

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