An Opportunity to Stay Longer
The Monitor Program

The Plymouth House Monitor Program allows individuals who have graduated from The Plymouth House Program to live and work on campus for an additional three months to be of service to the community and continue their stepwork.

The primary benefit of the Monitor Program is that it gives participants extra time to complete their 12 steps before re-entering the world. Generally guests in The Plymouth House Program work Steps 1-3 while in Residential Inpatient treatment, Steps 4 & 5 upon entering Partial Hospitalization (PHP), and Steps 6 & 7 before they graduate The Plymouth House Program.

Once an individual graduates, it is important they have a plan for continuing their recovery journey and finishing their 12 Steps. One option is to apply for The Plymouth House Monitor Program. Participants in the Monitor Program get to continue working with their 12-Step Contact to finish their steps. By the time they re-enter the world-at-large, they have a firm foundation to stand on.

The Benefits & Responsibilities

One of the core principles of the 12 Steps is to be of service to others. The Monitor Program gives individuals an opportunity to start giving back. Participants get to provide fellowship and guidance to individuals still going through the treatment process, and get to help in a myriad of other ways.

The Plymouth House Founder Tom S.

Monitor Program Participants might volunteer to:

  • Provide supervision, guidance and friendship to individuals currently still in treatment
  • Assist in cleaning or janitorial work
  • Help in the vegetable garden or kitchen
  • Aid staff during workshops and recreational activities

Benefits of the Monitor Program

  • The chance to complete all 12-steps and continue working with a 12-Step Contact
  • An opportunity to build meaningful friendships with fellow Monitor Program participants, many of whom will remain friends for years
  • The ability to provide guidance to individuals still in treatment
  • The ability to be of service to others in a myriad of other ways

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How to Apply to The Monitor Program

Only those individuals who have completed and graduated The Plymouth House treatment program will be considered for The Monitor Program. The Monitor Program is very competitive — only 12-15 spots are available at any given time. Staff will chose participants based on their attitude and actions during their stay in treatment, their willingness to be of service and their written applications. The application will be made available nearing the end of each individual’s stay in treatment.

If a person does not get selected to be a part of The Monitor Program, there are a number of other options for continued aftercare following graduation. The Plymouth House has respectful relationships with a number of sober living homes and intensive outpatient programs both in and outside of New England. The Plymouth House’s case managers will do everything in their power to help every guest at The Plymouth House plan and execute their next steps following treatment.

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