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Since 2002, The Plymouth House has been providing individuals and their families hope for a better life, free from addiction. We are not a treatment center in the traditional sense of the term. We are a 12-Step retreat, nestled in the gorgeous foothills of the White Mountains, where individuals come to disconnect and dive deep into working the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our founder, Tom S., believed wholeheartedly in the power of the 12 Steps to transform lives. The Steps give individuals the spiritual and emotional tools necessary to lead fulfilling, joyful, meaningful, love-filled lives. The Steps are a pathway leading to true, lifelong recovery.

In 2021, The Plymouth House joined Guardian Recovery Network, a leader in substance use disorder treatment with two decades of experience providing a full continuum of care for clients and their families throughout the recovery process. By joining Guardian Recovery Network, The Plymouth House was able to combine its expertise as a 12-Step retreat with Guardian’s world-class excellence in medical and clinical care.

Being a part of Guardian Recovery Network has allowed The Plymouth House to expand its medical and clinical staff to include primary care physicians, licensed psychiatrists and experienced psychologists. This has opened the door for individuals wishing to cover the cost of treatment with health insurance. Now The Plymouth House excels in all areas — medical, clinical and the 12-Step recovery process.

Professional Team

Our team of caring medical, clinical and recovery professionals has decades of combined experience providing individuals with the healing necessary for long-term recovery.

Serene Retreat

The Plymouth House is a 7-acre campus on a 60-acre property in the foothills of the White Mountains. It is an idyllic place to seek recovery and healing.

Recovery Experts

The Plymouth House has two decades of experience guiding individuals through the 12-Steps of recovery. Many of our 12-Step practitioners are Plymouth House graduates themselves.

Alumni Family

The Plymouth House has been serving the New England recovery community since 2002 and has an active alumni network, 20,000 people strong. 

About The Plymouth House Program

The Plymouth House has been a pioneer in utilizing the power of the 12 Steps to help individuals change. Many individuals seeking recovery when they land at The Plymouth House may have previously attempted some, or all, of the 12 Steps with little success. This is understandable. Trying to work the steps in the world-at-large while battling an addicted mind and the stressors of daily life can be very difficult.

The Plymouth House gives individuals the time, support and focus they need to complete the work on a new level, with professional guidance. While in our primary care program, guests at The Plymouth House work directly with both a dedicated therapist and 12-Step Contact to rigorously work the first seven of the 12 Steps. If a guest decides to continue in our extended care program, they will complete all 12 Steps.

In addition to working the Steps, Guests at the Plymouth House take part in a wide range of recovery-related activites, including:

The entire Plymouth House Program is geared toward catalyzing real, lasting personal change.

The Plymouth House Campus

The Plymouth House is a serene, 12-Step retreat in the foothills of the White Mountains in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Our 7-acre campus sits on a 60-acre property. It is an idyllic place for individuals to recover mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually from addiction. Our campus features a host of amenities, including:

  • Comfortable residential housing for men and women
  • Dining hall with home-cooked, nutritious meals sourced locally
  • Beautiful walking paths, hikes & a river trail
  • Basketball courts & horse shoe pits
  • A fitness facility
  • A yoga & meditation studio
  • Serene lounge spaces
  • A well-stocked library
  • Laundry facilites
  • Inviting clinical & medical offices

Click here to take a virtual tour of The Plymouth House campus.

Are You Ready to Start Living Again?

At The Plymouth House we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive addiction treatment program we possibly can. We do our best to address every aspect of addiction — from the physical, to the mental, emotional and spiritual. We utilize a wide range of techniques to encourage healing in all areas of an individual’s life. If you or someone you know needs to find freedom from addiction and begin to heal old wounds, then deciding to come to stay at The Plymouth House may be a life-changing choice. If you are unsure, or just want to talk it over, we are here for you. Contact us 24 hours a day. Our team of Treatment Advisors is made up of compassionate, empathetic and knowledgeable individuals who want to help you craft the best plan possible. 

Our Core Beliefs


At Guardian Recovery Network we operate a family of world-class facilities that are commitment to ethical excellence, professional integrity and clinical sophistication. Our carefully designed service continuum meets clients where they are—and empowers them with the tools for sustained recovery.

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Reviews Of Our Services

Reviews From Around The Web

Rene S.
Rene S.
18:50 11 Dec 18
Really the only place you will need to go to to effectively learn to handle your addiction to alcohol, drugs or other. Dedicated 12-step staff; warm and supporting environment with excellent food and accommodations; a supportive, thorough and thoughtfully sought out program to change your life as it did mine. Continuing resources after inital program treatment tailored to you as an individual. THE place others go after all other attempts have failed.
Dezara N.
Dezara N.
21:18 24 Jul 18
I know alot of people whom have been offered the amazing opportunity to attend this "community". Now, not everyone has succeeded in their own journey after this place-and that honestly shouldn't be expected...-but I've never been more proud than when my younger sister was luckily granted a scholarship from "Operation Hope" worth $10,000 to attend the month. So right now, I'm grateful they even exist for her sake...and for other loved ones
19:59 12 Sep 17
I have the most respect for the P house ... The people that work there have gone thru everything clients have went thru also . I went thru the p house when i was 27 yrs old they saved my life truly .... I did return and Aaron was so gracious and helpful i am now 41 yrs old and doing very well ... I will have to say this best place in the world . If u want to get better or even just a tiny bit I believe this is the place to be ...
Jamie M.
Jamie M.
01:11 21 Apr 16
life saving! greatful!
Denise St O.
Denise St O.
15:13 19 Oct 15
It saved my life.