What Happens After Primary Care?
The Plymouth House Extended Care Program

While in our Primary Care Program, an individual has a full schedule of therapy, workshops, recreational activities, 12-Step meetings and step-work. But what happens when the program is over? The transition from treatment into the real world is one of the most challenging and risky times for a person new to recovery.

With more than 20 years of experience, we at The Plymouth House cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of an aftercare plan. The Plymouth House’s Extended Care Program is one option. In Extended Care, guests are able to continue coming to The Plymouth House campus to complete their steps, continue their therapy, and attend groups, meetings and workshops. While in Extended Care, guests live off-site at a safe, sober living home with a supportive community. By enrolling in the Extended Care Program, guests are able to re-integrate in to the world slowly and confidently while being supported by The Plymouth House community they have come to know and love.

Finish the Steps

While in Primary Care, guests at The Plymouth House generally work Steps 1-7 of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Working the remaining steps, however, is critical to maintaining long-term sobriety and truly transforming one’s life. In our Extended Care Program participants have the opportunity to finish all 12 Steps with their 12-Step Contact.

Be of Service

We also encourage our Extended Care participants to volunteer with us. The 12th step emphasizes service to others, so we give participants opportunities to do that. We volunteer at several local nonprofit organizations including Wayside Food Programs, Preble Street (Shelter), Center for Grieving Children, Portland Recovery Community Center and Winter Kids.

Stay Healthy

Participants in aftercare also have the opportunity to take part in wellness programs, such as yoga and fitness.


Extended Care participants can continue to attend  life skills workshops, such as budgeting, resume building and bad credit repair.

Offering a rigorous, practical program in a highly structured environment, Plymouth House Extended Care is specifically designed to prepare each guest for success when they move on to the greater independence of sober living. We do our absolute best to prepare individuals for facing life sober for the long haul. For more information contact us anytime.

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Extended Care Includes:

Extensive, Daily 12-Step Work:

  • Big Book group
  • Prayer/Meditation groups
  • Inventory workshop
  • Alumni speaker groups
  • Amends transportation and support
  • Weekly and Monthly Twelve-Step Meeting Commitments

Community Engagement and Volunteer Commitments:

  • House Activities with Alumni
  • Active Alumni Organization centered around fellowship and usefulness
  • Wayside Food Programs
  • Preble Street (Shelter)
  • Center for Grieving Children
  • Portland Recovery Community Center
  • Winter Kids

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Continued Relationship & Connections to Plymouth House Including:

  • Case Management Consultation with Plymouth House Staff
  • Visits to The Plymouth House for Speaking & Commitments

Family Support and Contact

  • Recovery Contract Development
  • Relapse/Recovery Contract
  • Weekly Family Staff Contact
  • Family Education Meetings
  • Family Referral to Meetings in Other States

Wellness Programs:

  • 12-step yoga
  • Gym membership
  • Groups centered on mind/body/spirit and community

Budgeting Assistance, Education & Management

  • Checking/Savings Account
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Education & Management

Employment Assistance

  • Resume Building
  • Interviewing & Job Hunting Skills Education
  • Job Placement

Legal Guidance & Assistance

  • Facilitating Court Appearances
  • Providing Necessary Documentation to Attorneys & Probation Officers

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Alternatives to The Extended Care Program

An Outside IOP Program

If after graduating from Primary Care an individual does not want to continue with The Extended Care Program, we highly recommend they enroll in an outside Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The Plymouth House has wonderful relationships with many IOP programs both locally and nationally. Locally, we work closely with Pine Tree Recovery Center in Maine, which is also part of Guardian Recovery Network. We are happy to help arrange transportation and help with an individual’s transition into an IOP program. Most often individuals live in a sober living environment while attending IOP. It is possible, however, for an individual to live at home while attending IOP if their home environment is safe, supportive and conducive to sobriety. An individual’s case manager and therapist can help determine the best plan. Contact us any time to discuss these options.

The Plymouth House Monitor Program

A second alternative to The Plymouth House’s Extended Care Program is The Plymouth House’s Monitor Program. The Monitor Program is a volunteer program that gives individuals an opportunity to continue living on The Plymouth House campus and finish their steps while volunteering their time to monitor our facilities and work on campus. Learn more here.

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