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The Plymouth House is a serene, 12-Step retreat in the foothills of the White Mountains in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Our 7-acre campus sits on a 60-acre property and features a dining hall, chapel, yoga studio, gym, residential housing, clinical offices, library, vegetable garden, river walking path, basketball courts. horseshoe pits, lounge spaces and laundry facilities. Our campus is an idyllic place for individuals to recover mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually from addiction.

The Plymouth House is a restorative program that combines the power of the 12-Steps with professional therapy, clinical services, recreational activities and 12-Step mentorship to help individuals find freedom from addiction. For roughly 20 years, The Plymouth House has been dedicated to helping people recover their lives and pursue long-term sobriety. Our alumni network is approximately 20,000 people strong. And our alumni have gone on to give back to The Plymouth House by becoming 12-Step contacts and provide guidance for individuals currently in the program.

The Plymouth House Process is to take individuals through the first seven of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous while simultaneously offering them individual, group and family therapy, life skills education, guided meditation and yoga classes, nutrition workshops and recreational activities.

Our Specialty Programs

In addition to the regular scope of care, we also have some specialty programs that might benefit you or your family. 

The Plymouth House Group Therapy

Medical & Clinical Care

In 2021, The Plymouth House partnered with Guardian Recovery Network — a family of well-respected treatment centers across the United States —  to increase the center’s capacity to help people. By being a part of Guardian Recovery Network, The Plymouth House is now able to offer expert medical and clinical care, which has allowed individuals to cover the cost of treatment with their health insurance coverage. These medical and clinical services include visits with a primary care physician, licensed clinical therapist, and when necessary, a licensed psychiatrist. The Plymouth House is able to help with many of our clients physical and mental health ailments. If, for some reason, your issue is outside of our realm of care, we will do everything we can to help you connect with the care you need off campus. LEARN MORE…

The Monitor Program

The Monitor Program is an opportunity for graduates of The Plymouth House Program to stay on campus for an additional three months or longer. Monitor Program participants are given complimentary room and board in exchange for their service on campus. Monitor Program participants help monitor the housing units, help provide guidance to individuals still in the program, aid with janitorial duties, help harvest the vegetable garden or any other tasks that need to be done. While living and working on campus, Monitor Program participants have the benefit of continuing work with their therapists and 12-Step contacts. While typically individuals only finish steps one through seven while in treatment, Monitor Program participants generally are able to complete all 12-Steps before re-entering the world-at-large. LEARN MORE…

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Dual Diagnosis Program

While we are not a psychiatric facility, we are highly experienced in working with patients who have a dual-diagnosis — meaning they are suffering from both an addiction and some sort of mental health diagnosis (such as depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder or bi-polar disorder). Many — if not most — of our guests have been diagnosed with a mental health ailment. Mental health disorders are very common for addicts and alcoholics because either the individual has been self-medicating an underlying mental health disorder, or they have developed one as a result of their addiction’s effect on their brain chemistry. Dual Diagnosis individuals also commonly suffer from past trauma.

We help our dual-diagnosis guests with a number of therapeutic tools. The Plymouth House has a prescribing psychiatrist on staff. We utilize a wide range of therapeutic methods including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). We teach mindfulness meditation and yoga. And we utilize recreational activities, fitness and nutrition. All of these elements help dual diagnosis heal both their addictions and their mental health disorders. LEARN MORE…

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Intervention Services

An intervention is a planned event at which the close family and friends of an addict or alcoholic share their feelings and encourage their addicted loved one to seek treatment. Alcoholism and drug addiction are baffling diseases that have a built in defense mechanism — denial. The depths at which denial can run in an addicted individual is severe. Breaking through to a person, getting them to understand how their addiction is affecting others, and encouraging them to get help is sometimes a very difficult process. In cases where an individual has not shown a great deal of willingness to get sober, a professional intervention might be necessary, even life-saving. The Plymouth House has a highly experienced interventionist with a decade of experience working with the families and friends of addicts. Our interventionist can help you plan an intervention, execute your plan and transition your loved one into treatment. LEARN MORE…

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Our Family Workshop (Takes place between April – October)

Addiction is known as a family disease. This is because the effects of someone’s addiction ripple out negatively to every member of the family. Family members adapt their behavior to cope with the addict’s behaviors. There might be enabling or caretaking behaviors. There might be a tendency to walk on eggshells and hold emotions inside. There might be a mountain of unspoken resentment and pain. There is usually a lot of misunderstanding about what addiction really is and why the addict can’t just stop. Our two-day family workshop is designed to educate and heal the family. The workshop is led by a highly experienced therapist who has been conducting family workshops for years and has a skilled way of helping families change their unhealthy dynamics. LEARN MORE…

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