Our 15 years of experience has led us to believe that nearly every guest of The Plymouth House should strongly consider an extended care program upon leaving primary care.

Our gender specific extended care programs, designed in accordance with Plymouth House philosophies and core values, are fully staffed by seasoned and qualified Plymouth House care providers.

Each extended care resident is assigned a staff contact to begin working steps 8-12.

Offering a rigorous, practical program in a highly structured environment, Plymouth House Extended Care is specifically designed to prepare each guest for success when they move on to the greater independence of sober living.

For more information regarding Plymouth House Sober Care please contact our Admission Team at (800) 428-8459.

Extended Care Includes:

Extensive, Daily Twelve-Step Work:

  • Big Book group
  • Prayer/Meditation groups
  • Inventory workshop
  • Alumni speaker groups
  • Amends transportation and support
  • Weekly and Monthly Twelve-Step Meeting Commitments

Community Engagement and Volunteer Commitments:

  • House Activities with Alumni
  • Active Alumni Organization centered around fellowship and usefulness
  • Wayside Food Programs
  • Preble Street (Shelter)
  • Center for Grieving Children
  • Portland Recovery Community Center
  • Winter Kids

Continued Relationship & Connections to Plymouth House Including:

  • Case Management Consultation with Plymouth House Staff
  • Visits to The Plymouth House for Speaking & Commitments

Family Support and Contact

  • Recovery Contract Development
  • Relapse/Recovery Contract
  • Weekly Family Staff Contact
  • Family Education Meetings
  • Family Referral to Meetings in Other States

Wellness Programs:

  • 12-step yoga
  • Gym membership
  • Groups centered on mind/body/spirit and community

Budgeting Assistance, Education & Management

  • Checking/Savings Account
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Education & Management

Employment Assistance

  • Resume Building
  • Interviewing & Job Hunting Skills Education
  • Job Placement

Legal Guidance & Assistance

  • Facilitating Court Appearances
  • Providing Necessary Documentation to Attorneys & Probation Officers

I have the life now that I didn’t think I was ever capable of having before I came to The Plymouth House.

Brittany D.

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