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Connecting With a Guest in Our Program
Information for Loved Ones

We encourage families of our guests to be actively involved in the recovery process. Upon arrival, each guest at The Plymouth House is assigned a contact person who is responsible for his/her needs for the duration of the stay. Family members are encouraged to address any questions or concerns to this staff member.

The Plymouth House hosts several family recovery meetings in New England. These meetings are open to anyone who has someone they care about struggling with addiction issues. These meetings assist families in making the right choices for themselves and their loved one and are often the first step toward recovery for many families. Please contact as at (888) 693-1927 for details on a meeting near you.


The Plymouth House’s two-day family workshop is designed to help families heal. The workshop is led by a highly experienced therapist, Michael Herbert, who has been conducting similar family workshops at treatment centers all across the country. Michael has three decades of experience as a drug and alcohol counselor and a highly-developed skill of helping families change their unhealthy dynamics. Read more about the Family Workshop (Takes place between April – October) HERE.


If you would like to send mail to a guest please use the following format:

The Plymouth House
Attention:  Guest Name
446 Main Street
Plymouth, NH 03264

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