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Xanax Addiction

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At The Plymouth House we understand just how devastating Xanax addiction can be. Xanax addiction affects thousands of men and women on an annual basis, and can rapidly destroy an individual’s overall quality of life, impacting their physical, mental and emotional health. According to an article published by the USC Keck School of Medicine in 2020, benzodiazepine abuse and addiction have rapidly become major public health threats, and benzodiazepine addiction is being widely considered the next U.S. drug epidemic.

Xanax is a potent and potentially habit-forming medication, most commonly prescribed to treat moderate or severe anxiety or sleep disorders like insomnia. Because benzodiazepines like Xanax are perceived as safe by many Americans and are widely prescribed, there are currently millions of men and women who take benzodiazepines on a daily basis. When taken exactly as prescribed — and for a short time — these medications can be effective and beneficial. However, when taken other than as prescribed, or for an extended period of time, Xanax can lead to a range of serious health-related issues, including the development of a life-threatening physical and psychological dependence.

But..there is hope! The Plymouth House has helped hundreds of men and women recover from Xanax addiction and go on to lead healthy, happy and substance-free lives. The Plymouth House Program utilizes a powerful combination of intense 12-Step work, therapy and holistic treatment options in order to consistently deliver the most effective and integrated care available. To learn more about our effective program of Xanax addiction recovery, continue reading or contact us today.

More about Xanax Addiction & Abuse

The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that between 1996 and 2013, the number of Americans taking a benzodiazepine medication like Xanax increased from roughly eight million to more than 14 million. There has been a direct link between an increase in Xanax prescriptions and an increase in overdose-related deaths, as well. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that in 2019, 16 percent of all overdose deaths that involved an opioid narcotic also involved a benzodiazepine like Xanax. Combining Xanax with any other chemical substance is extremely unsafe, but commonly practice. Despite NIDA warnings that people combining Xanax with opioids are 10 times more likely to overdose, emergency room visits and reported fatalities have been on the rise for the past several years.

Benzodiazepines like Xanax were first developed in the late 1960s as a replacement for barbiturates, which served a similar function but resulted in a range of potentially serious side effects. It was not until several decades later that medical professionals and prescribing physicians realized that benzodiazepines like Xanax were highly addictive, and that many of the men and women who were being prescribed these medications were developing physical dependencies even when taking them exactly as directed. Because the symptoms associated with benzodiazepine withdrawal are particularly severe, quitting “cold turkey” is simply not an option. Men and women who have been struggling with Xanax addiction must usually enter a medical detox to safely withdrawal from Xanax.

After getting physically stabilized in a medical detox facility, it is highly recommended that someone who is addicted to Xanax should pursue longer term treatment at an inpatient treatment facility. This is where The Plymouth House comes into play. If you or someone you love has been struggling with Xanax abuse or addiction, we are here to help.

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Xanax Addiction
Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms associated with Xanax addiction & abuse include:

  • Using more Xanax than prescribed or more than intended for a longer period of time than intended
  • Continuing to use Xanax despite a range of related consequences, which could include health issues, interpersonal problems, problems at work or at school, financial issues or legal issues
  • An overwhelming desire to use Xanax, which leads to compulsive drug-seeking behaviors (such as “doctor shopping” – attempting to get more than one written Xanax prescription at a time)
  • Needing a higher dose of Xanax in order to feel the desired effects/developing a physical tolerance over time
  • Experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms when use is stopped suddenly, which can include body tremors, hypersensitivity to light and sound, severe body aches and pains, nausea and vomiting, extreme anxiety or seizures
  • An increase in risk-taking behaviors, such as driving while intoxicated or combining Xanax with other chemical substances like opioids or alcohol
  • Spending a great deal of time obtaining Xanax, using Xanax and recovering from its effects
  • Repeatedly attempting to quit the medication but being unable to do so for any significant length of time (without professional help)

The good news is that recovery is always possible, no matter how severe a Xanax abuse disorder has become. At The Plymouth House we have carefully developed an integrated and highly individualized program of Xanax addiction recovery.

Xanax Addiction
Treatment Options

The Importance of a Medical Xanax Detox

Before arriving at The Plymouth House, it is important an individual is safely physically stabilized. Most of our guests need to undergo a medical Xanax detox at a designated detox facility before entering our inpatient program. A medical detox is important when withdrawing off Xanax because the symptoms of withdrawal can be dangerous — even life-threatening. The Plymouth House has good relationships with several local medical detox facilities. Our team of Treatment Advisors is happy to help you arrange for a medical detox and will help arrange the transition from medical detox into our inpatient residential program.

The Plymouth House Program

Once a guest has been physically stabilized at an outside medical detox facility he or she transitions into The Plymouth House’s residential inpatient program, where he or she stays for a minimum of two weeks. Next, our guests step down to our partial hospitalization program, and if they so desire, our extended care program. To read more about our recovery path, click here.

The Plymouth House uses a powerful combination of evidence-based therapeutic methods, clinical & medical care and 12-Step recovery.

Components of The Plymouth House Program Include:

  • Intense Stepwork Process – Guests work with a 12-Step Contact to work the first seven of the 12 Steps while in primary care. If a guest decides to continue in our extended care program, they have an opportunity to finish all 12 Steps.
  • Multiple Forms of Therapy – Our guests participate in individual, group and family therapy. We use multiple therapeutic methods including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).
  • Recreational Therapy – The Plymouth House schedules regular recreational activities including hiking, basketball, the gym, vegetable gardening and horse shoes.
  • Yoga & Meditation – The Plymouth House utilizes guided yoga and meditation as a therapeutic and spiritual practice.
  • Life Skills Education – The Plymouth House has educational workshops for a wide variety of life skills.
  • Extended Care – The Plymouth House offers an additional three months of programming to help guests reintegrate into the world-at-large.

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Despite the fact that Xanax abuse and addiction can be completely devastating, many people who are struggling at the hands of a severe prescription drug addiction fail to seek the professional help they need. This might be because they are unaware of the resources that are readily available to them, or possibly because they are not sure what to expect when committing to a long-term recovery program. When you arrive at The Plymouth House, you’ll quickly see that we are not a typical treatment facility. Nestled in the foothills of The White Mountains of New Hampshire The Plymouth House provides our guests with a safe, serene and comfortable environment to overcome their addiction and recover. Take a virtual tour here.

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Xanax addiction can progress rapidly and result in a wide range of serious health-related issues, but recovery is always possible with the right treatment program in place. At The Plymouth House we understand that when it comes to Xanax addiction recovery, time is of the essence. We have developed a simple and straightforward admissions process. Our experienced team of Treatment Advisors will personally work with you from your initial contact with us until the day that you arrive at The Plymouth House. We know that in most cases guests and their families have a myriad of questions regarding treatment options, costs, facilities and admissions details. With one phone call we will assist families and individuals in making the right choices for their situation. Contact us at any hour. We are here for you.

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