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The Plymouth House recently unveiled its newly renovated housing accommodations. Some highlights include beautifully furnished rooms with modern furniture, plush bedding, peaceful decor and new lighting fixtures.

“These new renovations will help our guests feel more comfortable and serene as they continue recovering at The Plymouth House,” said Jason Cuthbert, Director of The Plymouth House. “We feel creating spaces conducive to healing is important, and The Plymouth House has always prided itself on providing our guests with a beautiful environment to transform their lives.”

The Plymouth House is a 12-Step retreat and addiction treatment center in the picturesque foothills of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. The seven-acre campus sits on 60-acres of natural land surrounded by trees, rivers and mountain peaks. It is a perfect place to heal from addiction and find a new life in recovery.

For more than 20 years The Plymouth House has guided individuals through an intense 12-Step process. By working the steps while supported by a primary therapist, 12-Step mentor and team of licensed clinicians, individuals learn to overcome their addictions, change negative thinking patterns, escape unhealthy behavioral patterns, heal from past traumas and build meaningful new lives in sobriety.

The new renovations will mostly be enjoyed by individuals participating in The Plymouth House’s partial hospitalization (PHP) stage of The Plymouth House Process. PHP is the second stage in The Plymouth House’s treatment program. First, guests participate in the residential inpatient treatment program. They live in housing on campus and participate in a packed schedule of treatment programming seven days a week including individual, group and family therapy, 12-step education, life skills training, guided yoga, mediation and recreational activities.

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After graduating the residential inpatient stage of treatment, guests move on to the partial hospitalization stage. PHP is very similar to residential inpatient in that guests continue to live with their peers in structured sober housing and participate in a packed schedule of programming, but they have one free day a week and treatment groups shift focus to teaching the tools individuals need to maintain sobriety post-treatment. The free day is designed to help individuals learn to get comfortable with idle time, which can be difficult in early recovery. On their free day, guests can choose to attend outside 12-Step meetings, go on hikes, play basketball, utilize the gym, work on their Steps with their 12-Step contact or relax.

To get a sneak peek at The Plymouth House’s beautiful new accommodations, flip through the slideshow:

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