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At The Plymouth House we believe in the power of the 12 steps to transform lives. While we are not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, we provide a serene retreat for individuals to begin working the 12 steps of recovery and find freedom from their addictions. In addition to working the 12 steps, guests at The Plymouth House attend individual and group therapy, recreational activities, yoga, meditation and life skills workshops. We help individuals heal physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Our published articles offer knowledge and guidance for individuals interested in recovery. For 24/7 help call (888) 693-1927
  • The Opioid Crisis in New Hampshire

Facts About Opioid Abuse & Treatment in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire's Opioid Epidemic Combating the Crisis with Addiction Treatment The New Hampshire Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Inc. — more commonly referred to as the NHSHP —  published a fact sheet regarding opioid ...

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What is a 12-Step Sponsor for Addiction Recovery?

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Addiction 101 What is a Sponsor? Simply put, a sponsor is a sober man or woman who has been through the 12 Steps of recovery and can guide you through those same steps. ...

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New Study Finds 49% of Workers are Struggling with Substance Abuse

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Pandemic Consequences Nearly Half of American Workers Are Struggling with Substance Abuse Have you been drinking at work? You are not alone. A new study has shown that since the pandemic began, nearly ...

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How to Find the Best Rehab in New Hampshire

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How to Find the Best Rehab in New Hampshire Are you looking for the best rehab in New Hampshire? Finding the best rehab for yourself or your loved one might seem like a daunting, ...

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