Our experienced Admissions Team will personally work with you from your first contact with us until you arrive at The Plymouth House. We know that in most cases guests and their families have a myriad of questions regarding treatment options, costs, facilities and admissions details. With one phone call we will assist families and individuals in making the right choices for their situation. Call us at (800) 428-8459 to begin the process.

Most guests require more time than the initial two week stay. If guests wish to extend their stay, they must inform their contact person at least three days before their tentative discharge date. At that time, staff will conduct a review to determine whether an extension is in the guest’s best interest and that behavior and effort warrant the privilege of an extension.

The P-House saved my son’s life. At the Plymouth House, he was able to get sober and he got to work with the best people and he found a new life.

Katherine (parent)

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